AWiB Leadership

Siham Ayele

Siham runs a national youth employment project- “”- a platform that aims to develop the soft skills of young graduates to make them competent to join the workforce and as a result, curb youth unemployment.

Samrawit Meressa

Samrawit, AWiB’s 2023 President, has diverse experiences like, Production Managing Director on the “Titilo” show broadcasted on DSTV and as Assistant Manager at Zoskales Diamond – a family business.

Menna Selamu

Menna is the co-founder of Flipper International School, a school with a hybrid curriculum (Ethiopian and British) for primary and secondary education.

Bethlehem Negash

Bethlehem N. Woldeyohannes is a Media, Advocacy and Communications expert as well as Feminist Advocate & Writer, based in Addis Ababa.  Bethlehem is an active member of the Ethiopian Media Women Association (EMWA), an association founded by female media practitioners.