AWiB Leadership

Merry Lemma

Merry Lemma is a versatile professional with a robust educational background—a holder of both an MBA and a BED degree, complemented by a Diploma in English language. With experience in insurance, and

Turunesh Teferra

Turunesh Teferra embodies a highly motivated and results-oriented professional with over 20 years of invaluable experience in spearheading and cultivating successful finance and operations teams. Her academic accolades

Genet Giday

Genet Giday is a versatile professional with expertise spanning Information Science, Library Science, and Administration & Business Management. Presently, she holds a pivotal role at the African Union Commission (AU)

Aster Asfaw

Aster Asfaw is a certified Executive Leadership Coach, freelance trainer, and mentor known for her expertise in leadership, life skills, personal development, and child care. Her illustrious career spanning over three decades

Ajebework Ali

Ajebework Ali is a seasoned bank manager with 28 years of comprehensive experience within the banking sector, starting in 1995G.C with Dashen Bank S.C. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Unity University

Hinjat Shamil – 2024 President

Hinjat Shamil is currently the Senior Reform Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, where she plays a key role in spearheading several macro-fiscal reforms related to state-owned enterprises, pension funds, financial sectors,