The Other Pair

AWiB wants to spotlight this moving film to stress the fact that unless society seriously starts thinking about everlasting change, we will be tearing up for street children and unfortunate members of our community for ever and ever.  We all watch this clip and cry and some of us even want to start an orphanage or commit to help the local NGOs dealing with children and their needs. That’s all very good and noble. But the reason AWiB wants to spotlight this video this month is to remind all our community members, the only way to make an impact and bring a lasting change to a any society is to be involved and be part of the policy making body.

So, for all who are moved by this film, we ask you to register to vote and vote for those who are working towards changing policies that would help mothers bring their offspring in a society where they are supported and where they can live without fear;   where women can make their own decisions in family, career and personal goal planning; where they can have the minimum requirement to raise a child and bring that child to be a productive citizen.

We ask you, yourself, to be part of the game changer. If we want to see change, we need to be that change as Gandhi reminds us all. To be that change is to get out of our comfortable seats and be an implementer. AWiB wishes you all a heart that nags us all to be action people; to change and be changed.

“Everything will appear difficult if we do not take action. Action transforms even the driest land into an oasis”.  ~Shih Cheng Yen~

AWiB Team

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