Nebat Abbas: Bold & Gentle

Nebat Abbas, born and raised in Addis Ababa, is an HR Professional. A vibrant personality, confident and with a bold demeanor, she is known for speaking her mind.

Nebat worked with various public and private companies under different roles. She started her career as a management trainee with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) which she considers as the foundation to her career.  She later joined ShellEthiopia and worked in different departments such as finance, sales & marketing andthen Human resources. It was at Shell Ethiopia that Nebat thinks that she found her professional calling. When Shell divested from the Ethiopian market, she continued working for Libya Oil Ethiopia  before joiningEast Africa Bottling S.C ( Coca- Cola’s franchise bottler in Ethiopia).She also worked with MultiChoiceEthiopia(DStv) and New Zealand Milk Products Ethiopia (Anchor Milk).

With vast experience she gained throughyears of working and trainings, she was dreaming of establishing her own HR consulting company to serve as many organizations and companies as possible in the field of HR.  Then at the end of 2016, she established Phoenix Business Consulting Plc which aims to provide overall HR servicesin HR consulting, training, recruitment and placement services to clients.

Nebat’s passion in lifeis self–development.“I firmly believe that continuous improvement of myself and my competencyiscrucial to find fulfilment in life.  One needs to have an endless enthusiasm to learning,”she says.

As many in her circle attest, Nebat’s value is commitment. She is an embodiment of keeping her promises and she finds it easy to say “ NO”   rather than failing after promising to “try”.

Nebat’s is an inspirational professional who serves her community by mentoring young female students and volunteering in a neighborhood based program to enables less privileged mothers become self-sufficient and economically empowered. She has served as a Board member for AWiB , Imperial Toastmasters Club and she continues to support and participate in AWiB’s activities.

She believes in sisterhood and she plans to establish a circle of women that will particularly serve asa platform for stay-at-home mothers to share and support each other as well as invest in their personal and professional development. The circle of women will equip women with skills from parenting to how to re-enter the job market. Being in service to self and others either through volunteering, financial contributions and even sharing ideas give her fulfillment in life.

In addition to personal and professional development, her lifelong dream was to successfully establish Phoenix Business Consulting Plc and she considers it as herbiggest accomplishment of her life.

Nebat spends her leisure time with her family and reading.“I come from a relatively large but close knit family so there is always a family event, an outing or a get together. So I like spending time with my family. And also to keep my sanity and balance, I consistently exercise and practice Yoga,” she adds.

Nebat’s considers hard work and investing in her personal and professional development as the keys for success. There is no substitute for hard work but the days of waiting for something to happen just because one does a good job are gone.I had to learn to toot my own horn,”she adds.

Over the years, Nebat has also learned to be patient when things do not go as planned.  She underlined, “I have learned to become very patient and to forgive myself and others for minor and major “transgressions”. I havelearned to live in the “NOW” and I am very grateful for my health, my family and my endless passion for life. “

She highlighted one of the challenges/struggle thatshaped her and continue to shape is her work-life-balance. “I am not goingto denythat I have major mommy guilt which plays a role in some difficult career decisions at times and I have learned to deal with it,”Nebat adds.

Her message to the young and all is to stay grounded and not to give up when things do not go as anticipated even after working so hard for our goals . Finally, she reiterates the importance of keeping up with current professional and personal development trends.

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