Megbar Ayalew: the woman of Charisma and simplicity!

This is a story of one of the simplest, charismatic, grounded and bold women AWiB has come across, Megbar Ayalew, Magi.

Magi, the third child of 11 children, was born in Dessie. Though she left Dessie at the age of 10, she still has a great memory of the beautiful mountains.

Born from self taught, natural business man of his time, Magi was quick to learn about how her father conducted business. And at the age of 16, she helped her father’s business in Nazareth.

She fondly expresses her first insight in to the business world in Ethiopia and her father’s unique way of teaching and encouraging her till she left Ethiopia in 1974 for State Collage, Upstate NY, USA, Where she graduated in BSC in a hope to continue medical school.

As she always had the freedom to choose what she wanted, she once again opted to run her own business when she met her partner. She said, she was comfortable and had acquired enough skills, passions and knowledge to start her first Ethiopian Restaurant with her partner in Alexandria, VA. The restaurant was hit on weekends, what Magi and her partner didn’t know was that was a weekend business area and once again they had to explore the business world for something suitable and enjoyable to do.

That journey took them to a night club business, the birth of Roxy in Washington DC area for the next 10 years.  Showcasing live bands playing Reggae, Rock and Roll, Country, etc…and organizing collages nights which was the most popular.

In 1991 they expanded to a 3 story warehouse building with a 1500 capacity huge room. Just like that The Ritz was born.  Magi remembers, saying that was epic! Each room played different music from Latin to rock, house, hip-hop, reggae, etc…

It was featured on BET, lots’ of celebrities came around, and dress code was implemented. But they also got into community support and development work, organizing fashion shows and opening art gallery. Though the journey was hard this time around with her personal challenge, the Ritz lasted for 14 memorable, adventures years of her time.

In 1996, there was a dramatic change in Magi’s life that took her in to different path. The beakdown of her long relationship! She explains, “Like most women I had lost my identity, was so comfortable and naïve.  It was a real challenge to bounce back to find myself .My focus was mostly outside of myself, not inward”.

Like the saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher shows up”, she found an Ethiopian meditation teacher who introduced her to this knowledge. Thanks to his guidance and words of wisdom, she found out that she has been living her life on automatic pilot. Never questioning her parents and societies belief systems and the social conditioning, never understanding her own emotions, never asking what she needs and want for her-self.

She started to examine her life consciously, how she perceived, understood and experienced it, and how she formed her belief systems. She says, “it was a break through!  An eye opener! Aha Moments!” That was the turning point of her conscious life…

This ride took her to a lot of places around the world for adventure, sightseeing, pilgrimage-Egypt and the cruise on the Blue Nile, Islands for music festivals, to Jerusalem, to Swiss Alps, the Greece Islands to Ashram in India etc…

Finally, she found the Art of Living and the teacher H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is a world renowned Spiritual Leader and Humanitarian, who developed the “Su DarshanKriya”, a unique breathing technique which brings enormous joy, a stress free mind, healthy body, blossomed life, and better sleep

She received teachers training in India with the Art of living to guide and transform people and continue to work on her-self by using the simple yet powerful breathing techniques .The deepest secret of life lies within the breath, which can be experienced by practice only. All over the world irrespective of age or gender, religion, economic or social status, people have rejuvenated and transformed their lives.

The session offers Yoga, Meditation and powerful breathing techniques to help deal with stress; unlock potentials and enhance all aspects of life. You learn how to heal, harmonize and synchronize body and mind. You also learn how skillfully to handle the mind and negative emotions. The course cleanses toxins and deep rooted physical, mental and emotional blocks from the body. It synchronized mind and body through rhythmic breathing. Spread over three days it is simple yet profound program, offering practical spiritual knowledge and deep meditation through a lively interactive process.

The question is how do you measure your success? Is your success stressing you? Are you happy, joyful and loving in the process?

Magi says, once in a while you have to stop and ask yourselves “Am I on the right track?” How do I feel in the body, am I calm or restless? What kind of thoughts run in the mind all day? And how is my relationship with others? Am I grateful of life?

Most people work so hard compromising their health, and in later years compromise work to gain back their health.

“Sin is missing the target of life to live unskillfully, blindly suffering and causing suffering.”

Who am I? What’s my purpose in life? How do I know if I m doing my life’s purpose? Learn to live in the present moment and feel contented in life, develop intuition, be open minded, be more conscious, be positive, be compassionate, feel healthy, feel centered and grounded, be enthusiastic about life and feel more alive… It’s a beautiful way of discovering and re-discovering oneself…, and these are some of the benefits of learning to meditation and mindfulness.

It‘s beneficial to all, who wants to learn to live a healthy and joyful life. I believe success is to be clear on what we want out of life, to live consciously a meaningful and purposeful life.

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