Birtukan Gebreegzi: A Dedicated Banker

She is a woman in ‘a Man’s world’.  She has worked in different banks taking high level positions.

She is a woman in ‘a Man’s world’.  She has worked in different banks taking high level positions.  Being a woman in her generation, was the toughest challenge that she had faced but as she was a toiler she had no excuse except surpassing all the ‘impossible’ positions in her work and education.

Let’s introduce you to the one and only Wro. Birtukan Gebreegzi, the Vice President of Enat Bank.  She was born and raised to a big family in Addis Ababa, around the present day Meskel Flower Hotel, Her brother was a big supporter of her education when education for girls was deprioritized.

At Enat Bank, being part of one of the top Management positions, she deals with operational matters such as credit, domestic operations and international banking operations. She also participates in the overall strategic leadership of the Bank.

Before joining Enat Bank, she has worked first for the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in which her last position was the Director of International Banking and District Manager.  Later she joined the Bank of Abyssinia and served as the Director of International Banking.

At present, in addition to her vice-presidency position at Enat, she is serving as Board Member of Metehara Sugar Factory, Board Audit Committee of Nefas Silk Paintings Factory and as a Board Vice chairperson of Finot Health Center.

Supporting the needy is her passion.  She is currently paying the tuition s of some poor families and is always there with an open heart and hand to help the needy.

Wro Birtukan is also passionate about community work.  However, due to the fact that she has multiple responsibilities including her family, she would not be able to dedicate herself for other activities.

When asked about her accomplishments, Wro Birtukan is proud of her senior level important role in the formation of Enat Bank both at the pre-operational and functional stages of the Bank. She has been actively involved in preparing the banking procedures, manuals and structures; selecting the human resources and talent needed; organizing the head quarter and branch offices; publicizing and popularizing the Bank to local and international communities, as well as making the Bank to be dependable service provider and profitable in its first year.

Apart from her professional responsibilities, Wzo Birtukan enjoys reading, visiting places, families and watching movies.

On a final note, she advises all the young girls and upcoming leaders to work hard with perseverance and positive attitude without losing hope.  She also recommends for young girls to have self-development plan to improve their interpersonal skills and empathy towards others in addition to professional development.

Most of all, the support from family is very important in life and success just like an icing on a tasty cake.  In line with this, Wro Birtukan attributes her success to the love and support of her family, friends and colleagues and hence expresses her deep gratitude to them for their contributions to who she is today.

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