R&D Group

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R&D Group is a pioneer in the service export sector in Ethiopia, offering full operational outsourcing services, training, consulting, and entrepreneurship development. The women-led company is the daughter company of the Dutch-based consultancy firm RBD Consultancy. R&D Group is dedicated to constructing cutting-edge enterprises with unparalleled efficiencies by providing highly refined and tailored business solutions for each client.

R&D comprises forward-thinking experts with extensive combined experience across diverse industries, markets, and technical fields. With a team of top-notch professionals, they assist businesses in crucial areas such as management, communication, information technology, strategy, finance, and human resources.

The company delivers exceptional Entrepreneurship Development, Consulting, Academy, and Impact Outsourcing services. These services grant our clients a competitive edge over their counterparts, enabling them to reduce costs, achieve superior performance, and attain a highly regarded corporate responsibility status that is essential for every modern organization.

Vision: “To build a nation of a knowledge-based economy.

We thank R&D Group for sponsoring 4 of our events in 2023:

1. June: Creating Wealth: Creating Wealth – AWiB Ethiopia 

2. To be updated

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