Enat Bank

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Enat Bank is a revolutionary new banking experience designed by women for women. Founded by a group of 11 of Ethiopia’s leading visionaries and businesswomen, Enat Bank is here to help its customers redefine the traditional banking approach and provide exemplary customer service. Enat Bank was founded to create a financial institution that embodies the nurturing qualities associated with the name “mother”. They aim to take care of all clients, regardless of gender, and provide a banking experience that is open and accessible to all.

The founders of Enat Bank have been instrumental in bringing their vision to life, steering the institution from an idea to a reality. It is known for its exceptional customer service approach, which sets it apart from other banks in the Ethiopian industry. The bank’s staff is composed of seasoned banking professionals committed to meeting customers’ needs.

In addition to outstanding service, Enat Bank distinguishes itself from other financial institutions through its innovative services, which depart from traditional banking practices. The bank offers customized products and services tailored to meet customers’ specific needs and desires, making it a market leader in the industry.

Vision: “To become a bank of choice in Ethiopia by 2030, mainly by maximizing women’s economic capabilities.”   

We thank Enat Bank for sponsoring 4 of our events in 2023:

  1. March: Entrepreneurial Thinking: Featuring YWCA in Ethiopia: Entrepreneurial Thinking: Featuring YWCA Recap – AWiB Ethiopia
  2. April: Communicating Your Vision: The Case of EWLA: Communicating Your Vision: The Case of EWLA Recap – AWiB Ethiopia
  3. May: Leadership in a VUCA World: Leadership In A VUCA World Recap – AWiB Ethiopia
  4. June: Creating Wealth:

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