Self-Promotion Recap

Facilitator: Yared Abera, Global Youth Climate Leader

After introductions or self-promotions, Yared explained to participants how he identifies his brand and selling points. During introductions, Yared promoted himself with the words “global,” “young,” “climate,” and “leader” as his main selling points. He then brought up the experience he had while in Germany for the climate youth meeting to emphasize the point in his life when he made the decision to start promoting.

Major Takeaways:

  • Before beginning a promotion, it is important to define yourself or your identity
  • Considering yourself as a product is where you start learning how to promote
  • Consistency, Visibility, being Powerful, and Authenticity are the building block to building your brand, and that brand is something people use to define you
  • Learn how to promote oneself on social media and in person
  • Being proactive, strategic, consistent, and using a professional photo for our social media image is some of the instrument that we need for self–promotion
  • Don’t undermine what you do and your experience
  • Being authentic is the key to success after promotion and creating trust in activities we participate 

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