Resilient Mindset: A Bridge to Wellbeing Recap

As you walked into the venue, a palpable sense of belonging filled the air, signaling that it was a safe space to be in. Women from diverse backgrounds gathered with a shared purpose: to explore the evening’s topic, ‘Resilient Mindset,’ aligning with our 2024 theme ‘Resilience for safety and sustainability’.

While savoring Hilton’s delectable cuisine, the crowd started mingling, and networking. Shortly thereafter, AWiB ’s Membership Relations Manager, Lidya Yohannes, the night’s host initiated the event we had all been eagerly anticipating. She provided an overview of AWiB and shared valuable information on why one should be a member. Lidya acknowledged AWiB’s sponsors: Yetem Trading, and Le Chateau Imports, and Exports.

AWiB consistently fosters a culture of encouragement and motivation among its members. One of the venues is by providing a platform for members to exhibit their businesses. Three AWiB members had the opportunity to shine a spotlight on their services. These exceptional entrepreneurs, representing Beybeynatina (Betelhem Adisu), Haset Printing & Advertisement (Mignot Girma), and Tabita rich (Simret) enthusiastically shared details about their company and the innovative services they offer.

The stage was then handed to the evening’s moderator, Aster Asfaw, A certified Executive Leadership Coach. Before introducing the panelists, she explained resilience, addressing how our country has faced challenges such as the coronavirus and civil arrest. Some succumb to adversity, while others emerge stronger. She posed the question of what distinguishes these individuals, defining resilience as more than mere recovery, but rather the capacity to adapt and thrive. She emphasized the role of optimism in driving the spirit. Subsequently, she brought forth the guest speakers: Dr. Elias Gebru, a Psychiatry specialist, Hikmet Abdella, Director General of the Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE), and Heran Tadesse, a Triple Certified Yogini.

Our moderator presented the following inquiries, charged at our guest speakers which will be beautifully answered and plastered with their personal experiences.

  1. What are the Characteristics of resilience and the practice that underpin its development?
  2. Are some people born to be more resilient than others? Is resilience trainable? What are the practices that are building blocks of a resilient mindset?
  3. How does a supportive community booster our capacity to be more resilient?
  4. How does a resilient mindset impact our physical and mental well-being?

Dr. Elias covered the psychological aspect of Resilient Mindset. He explained, that to truly comprehend human nature and cultivate resilience, we must wholeheartedly embrace our inherent characteristics. It is essential to recognize that each of us has varying thresholds for coping with life’s adversities. Dr. Elias mentioned Our innate disposition encompasses the potential for both good and bad traits. While the nurturing environment significantly shapes our mindset, the interplay of nature and genetics also plays a crucial role. Moreover, he elaborated that our minds serve as an unparalleled tool, setting us apart from other animals, and we find that the most profound lessons and growth arise from traversing the often-challenging path, ultimately adding depth and meaning to our purpose. 

Our second guest, Hikmet Abdella, focused on how we can build personal resilience. As a leader, wife, and mother, she shared her principles that aided her in dealing with adversities in her day-to-day work, and social life. Admitting that suffering adversities is part of life is her number one principle. However, she believes that how we react to any given situation will impact the well-being of ourselves and others. Secondly, Hikmet proceeded to explain the importance of choosing our battles, and always being grateful. Last but not least, she emphasized how crucial it was to decide our response, and if that response was going to help or hurt us.

Heran engaged the audience with her powerful story and indispensable take on resilience. She delighted us with an introductory poem and proceeded to share her triumph over obstacles, along with the self-care practices she employed. She asserted that we all get to choose the what, where, and when of our suffering. Heran highlighted that we cannot rely on the love of others to heal us. It is our responsibility to work on ourselves. She testified that unconditional love, and yoga with breathing exercises, meditation, and positive affirmations have helped her get through tough times. And it made her come out on the other side as resilient as ever. Finally, Heran guided us through a 5-minute breathing exercise that left each of us with a sense of rejuvenation and serenity.

The Q&A session followed, with a range of questions addressing the need for resilience in leadership, mentorship, and self-awareness, and settled the question of whether resilience is innate or a skill. Our speakers agreed with Hikmat’s take which is liking the challenge of our responsibilities, being honest in our communication, and teamwork are necessary to maintain a highly motivated, and resilient leader. Furthermore, Heran answered that resilience is a skill. She listed a few points to develop resilience, some of which are: daily positive habits, nutrition and health, meditation, and prayer.

The evening came to a captivating close, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present. The distinguished speakers, speaking from their hearts, shared their journeys on becoming resilient. To show gratitude, AWiB presented each speaker with a book. Dr. Elias and Heran received Yehiwote Kignit (የሕይወቴ ቅኝት) by Fitsum Atenafework while Hikmet received AWiB’s 2023 WOE Magazine.

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