Topic for discussion at the Thursday December 1, 2011 AWIB meeting

The ethical standard of employees in Ethiopia and its impact on business.

The ethical standard of people in our business/work from the cleaning people to the top executive management is a matter of concern. It affects the survival and profitability of organization.

As well as the morale of business owners and managers. So this evening we will discuss A) What we and others have experienced regarding this issue, and what solutions have been tried and their outcome. B) Develop a tool kit of possible solutions to help us manage this problem and minimize its negative impact. C) Touch upon how we can change/influence others to reverse this trend.

Definition of employees for this discussion

All business employees (be it office, factories, garage, clinics/hospitals, café/restaurant/hotels, white collar service providers (legal;/financial/engineering/IT etc) construction sector, teaching, etc. Though lack of ethical behavior is also a problem with household employees, our discussion for the evening will only focus on non-household employees.

Discussion schedule

6:30 – 6:45

Does the problem exist in our business and how does it manifest itself? What is its impact, both monetary and non-monetary? (eg: our satisfaction in managing the business, etc)

The goal of this segment of discussion is to reach a broad consensus of possible causes for the problem and how it manifests itself, and to categorize and list the major problem areas with the biggest negative impact.

6:45 – 8:00

What can we do to minimize its negative impact?

How do we work around it in our business? (both carrots and sticks)? what solutions have we tried to implement? How successful were these attempts? (important to discuss what has worked and what has not).

The goal of this segment of the discussion is to develop a list of possible solutions we can implement, and to understand the pros and cons and cost, both time and money, of the possible solutions in order to be able to make informed choices should we want to implement any of them at our work place or business.

8:00 – 8:30

A) Discuss/summarize the main points of the evening’s discussion, and B) touch upon what can do to reverse this trend in the country one person or one group at a time.

Goal of A: summarize so we are all on the same page

Goal of B: leave people with some ideas planted in their heads so all can go back and think about what each person ( or our group) can do to reach out to the young generation, and others in our businesses and our social circles, in order to get them to be more ethical.

So the question that will be put out for all to think about is “What role can we play to influence others (individuals we run into, business associates, our suppliers, clients, schools, education bureaus, school age kids , etc ) to reverse this trend?

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