“Rediscovering our Worth” with Nadia Waber

On March 8th, 2012 AWiB gathered over a hundred women at the Hilton to jointly “Rediscover our Worth”. This inspirational evening was facilitated by Nadia Waber.

Knowing that a flower is here and gone tomorrow makes it very special”, Nadia Waber noted as she shared with us why she had a preference for natural flowers over synthetic ones. Her closing statement shone light on what AWiB’s March 8th event was all about – rediscovering our worth in a safe and fun environment. Our event coincided purposely with March 8th – International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s achievements all over the world. For the lovely and vibrant women that gathered at Hilton that evening, it was about celebrating ourselves in the different roles we negotiate throughout the day – mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, etc.

As we pondered upon the opening remarks that included a quote by Howard Thurnman – “Don’t worry what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and do that, because what the world needs are people who have come alive” – our facilitator for the evening, Nadia Waber, gently nudged us into a playful ice-breaking exercise that sent waves of cheerful and contagious energy throughout the room. We were moving, we were doing a little dance, we were laughing and more importantly we were getting to know each other in answers to the easy down-to-earth questions posed.

Post-warm up exercise, Nadia shared with us that the journey we were to take together the rest of the evening was an adapted exercise inspired by world renowned public speaker, Deepak Chopra. Three thoughts to start us off on the discovery:

  • The more you put in the exercise, the more you get.
  • Use the language of your heart
  • Discomfort = learning

Putting the above principles in action and understanding that no answer was right or wrong, so long as the answers were right for us individually, we stepped into the re-discovery process by answering what feelings best described a great moment in our lives. Some of the responses were: empowered, complete, confident, belonging, curious, elated, mesmerized, liberated, blissful, satisfied, blessed, thankful, happy, peaceful, etc. Nadia helped us understand that the collection of feelings that we shared was our common space, our Ubuntu, where “because you are, I am”. “I enable myself to grow, when I enable others to grow,” Nadia shared with us, allowing us to recognize in that statement that we are our contributions.

A safe space was created for us to seek and express our potential and purpose in life by answering a few key questions straight from heart and not from mind, tapping into the abundance of our intuition. Nadia guided us through what it means to make a declaration of our purpose in life and contribution from a place within us that is confident and undoubting of our potential to make it happen. It was not about “if I make it happen” or “I hope I will make it happen” but more of “I will make it happen”. A simple play on words, yet a powerful experience of declaring our worth and owning our purpose!

Amongst many key moments in the evening, we defined and refined our individual profiles coming to awareness that each one of us has three different types of profiles:

  • The professional profile – what do I do, what are my professional achievements, etc.
  • The social profile – the groups i belong to, where i live, what kinds of people i like to meet during my spare time, one or two initiatives i support, my spiritual/religious inclination.
  • The self profile – what is my essence, my commitment, contribution and purpose.

Nadia highlighted that when things become tough, we encounter the self profile, to which we reach in and find sustenance and derive our strength from. It is the “I am” in each one of us.

We thank our dear Nadia for her centered presence throughout the session, gently coaxing us all to open up, declare what is alive in us and rediscover to connect with the source of power in us. Thank you Nadia for an exhilarating session and thank you to all our members and prospective members for your collective energy that rocked the night!

Love the fact that you were born, love the fact that you are alive now and love the fact that one day you will die. Failure to do all three fully will prevent you from having a real life” ~ Arnold Siegel


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