Discovering Your Purpose in life

Different personalities from different walks of life were gathered on January 2014

Different personalities from different walks of life were gathered in AWiB’s monthly event to passionately discover the most sensational reason as to why they came to mother earth and to dwell up on the most intriguing topic that humanity could ever be draw to ‘one’s purpose in life’

As finding what ‘your real purpose in life is’ sets a solid path on points of start and destination in the journey, the meeting was filled with constant anticipation of how the meeting was going to turn out.

After a captivating networking session amongst the participants, attendees took part in a very engaging exercise. The exercise incorporated questions that were mind provoking such as do we matter in life? what is our place and role? what should center our life and why? and our driving forces in our everyday activities. As the issues were raised, many found it appealing as they were constantly asking questions and requiring for more elucidation. Then, when more was asked and when more was needed was the promising moment that reflected that attendees were relating at a deeper level to the notion of our very reason for being.

Learning the ways of identifying our purpose in life, our very reason for getting out of bed every single day and committing towards living up to what life expects out of each one us was a liberating inspiration for all present, which  begged the question, which was at the heart of everybody eager to find out, how does one find out and reach at an understanding and uncovering of what he/she is born to do?

Discovering or rediscovering one’s purpose in life is a process. Our purpose in life is deeply rooted in and cannot be separated from our inner gift from God (meklit), everyone of us has a “Sitota” something that gives us pleasure in doing and are really good at without much effort and much discipline; while we do it, people sense that vibrant energy in us and so do we. Then what? Once we discover our purpose in life and get to work, our purpose shall be completed with a sense of service and giving and really not receiving as receiving is not the primary role we are created for though whatever we give out comes back double with its own natural cycle. As these statements were made, the audience applaud with a sense of acceptance and with what looked like an assignment to uncover what naturally came to them without much discipline but yet with an astonishing capacity to do and to be.

AWiBers were contemplating at the moment about the clear purpose of why AWiB was born to do, with a satisfied look of clarity of purpose and complete awareness of destination. AWiB’s purpose is to produce great women leaders. AWiBers have the required consciously made commitment to bring out these gifts and qualities from others and to let them be an example to thousand others. Our monthly and two big events in May and October shade light in that regard. We care that you individually develop your full leadership potential and live meaningfully and help others do the same. We acknowledge those who excel in leadership because that is what AWiB was born to do; to show you the way and to guide you through!

AWiB has created a community that cares, networks, and develops relationships that support others’ growth and development; because that was why AWiB was born to do. AWiB gives each and every one of us a community of thinkers, doers, leaders, and changers.

Seble explained how divorcing with life has a similar starting point as divorce in a marriage. It is when you stop living everyday meaningfully fulfilling your purpose of living that we divorce with our individual lives. Our everyday commitment votes either to live a purposeful life or a mere existence.

All gathered passionate lovers of life, whose mere presence to learn confirmed the same, agreed to commit the year for uncovering their purposes in life and live meaningfully as if it was their last day, every single day for the rest of their lives. As everyone committed, a sense of faith, hope, determination and joy were reflected.

When the meeting came near its closing, Nadia acknowledged and treasured the commitment and partnership of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, ADC, Dashen Bank and Ethio Jobs with a note that their continued partnership will be very much appreciated. She also recognized Addis All around’s consistent support and media partnership and thanked all on AWiB’s behalf.

AWiB measures commitment by the continued unreserved effort of its board members who are the essence of its existence. Accordingly, outgoing board members and the president of 2013, the vibrant Billene, who served for the past two years, those who found pleasure in serving were thanked, honored and cherished while the incoming ones were warmly welcomed for what is to be the most learning, giving, and fulfilling experience of their life time.

“The only really happy people are those who have learned how to serve.”
Rick WarrenThe Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

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