Effective Habits of Highly Successful Women Recap

Facilitator: Genet Yemane, Managing Director of Multiple Approaches in Learning Diversity (MALD), Educational Support PLC

Genet began the workshop by asking attendees: What does success mean? What do you consider a successful woman? What does she do? How does she act? Genet encouraged participants to reflect on their actions and behaviors, cautioning against blindly imitating others. She stressed the importance of living authentic lives and staying true to oneself as a vital component of achieving true success. Investing in one’s strengths and surrounding oneself with the right people are also essential elements of success.
Genet added that the importance of self-care, including maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise, and nurturing spiritual habits is crucial. She emphasized the power of positive thinking and how thoughts can impact energy levels and overall success. She said that creating an environment that supports personal growth and acknowledging challenges & stress are opportunities for development.
She continued to say we should all pursue our passions wholeheartedly and to persist, even if it meant going against the crowd. She cautioned against solely focusing on monetary gains, stating that financial success is temporary. She instead encouraged individuals to follow their passions. This can provide a lifelong source of motivation and fulfillment. Genet said: “When you have something you truly believe in, don’t let anyone tell you to stop. Even if you have to go alone, do it.”

Major Takeaways:

  • Conduct a personal inventory and recognize the value of your own capabilities.
  • Life isn’t a marathon. You need to take time to reflect and then go one with the new information
  • If we’re not being challenged or if we’re too comfortable, we regress. Our brains regress.
  • Find your sweet spot. Is your current job aligned with who you are, with your purpose?
  • You need to figure out your peak hours to determine when you should allocate the most important tasks to
  • Recognize the importance of passion over monetary gain
  • You need to internalize the significance of self-awareness and living an authentic life
  • True success lies in aligning one’s actions with personal beliefs and values, while constantly striving for growth and embracing new experiences

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