Creating a Supportive Environment for Your Leadership Recap

In the heart of empowerment and collaboration, women came together to forge a path of leadership and positive change. The stage was set at AWiB’s November Event, where the Female CEO Breakfast Club (FCBC) convened to explore the art of “Creating a Supportive Environment for Your Leadership.” It was a testament to the boundless strength that emerges when women unite, lift each other up, and nurture their collective potential.

As the audience settled into their seats, the event unfolded with an electrifying introduction by Samrawit Merersa, AWiB’s President. Gratitude was extended to the event’s sponsors, with a special mention of Lead Sponsor Yetem Trading; Emerge Sponsors LonAdd Consultancy, R&D Group, Ethio Jobs, and Gesha Village, and Connect Sponsor Ghion Homes, completed the circle of support. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement as each representative delivered speeches that set the stage for what lay ahead.

The event gathered an extraordinary ensemble of accomplished female CEOs, all integral members of AWiB’s FCBC. Amakelech Lulu, the visionary behind Gishen Pharmacy; Aster Solomon, a luminary as the owner of Mosiac International Hotels, co-founder of Enat Bank, and co-founder of Ethiopia’s first GIS service company, Information Systems Services (ISS); Hanna Tilahun, the driving force behind Bezalel Construction Material Manufacturing PLC and Hebron Resort PLC; Netsehet Workneh, the founder and CEO of LonAdd Consultancy PLC; and Yeshiwork Wolderher, the guiding hand behind Ghion Gas PLC and the owner of Momentum PLC, graced the panel. Each brought a wealth of unique knowledge and a shared passion for uplifting and empowering women.

Under Samrawit’s guiding hand, the panel discussion unfolded like a symphony, with each word resonating with profound impact. Netsehet described FCBC as a structured platform that had guided her through the intricate dance of life, emphasizing the transformative sisterhood it fostered among its members. Amakelech sang praises for FCBC, citing it as a place where she could openly share her experiences and bask in the nurturing sisterhood, invaluable connections, and professional growth it offered, all thanks to the genuine care and support of its members. Yeshiwork emphasized FCBC’s role as a sanctuary for tackling leadership challenges, celebrating the diverse backgrounds of its members, which enriched discussions with varied perspectives. Aster spoke fervently about the integral role FCBC played in her life, appreciating the diverse mix of women from different backgrounds and age groups, all bound by similar aspirations and experiences. Hanna underlined the active participation and the networking and vulnerability that FCBC cultivated, forging strong relationships among its members.

During the Q&A session, an audience member inquired about the meaning of success and the challenges it brings. Hanna emphasized that success is a unique, individual journey, not a one-size-fits-all concept. She urged women to take ownership of their paths and become decision-makers. Aster delved into the freedom and flexibility that self-employment affords, enabling a balance between work and home life. She encouraged women not to chase perfection in every aspect but to find a balance that resonates with their true selves. Both panelists echoed the call for women to embrace their power and make things happen in their lives. Netsehet stressed the value of seeking help and support when challenges arise, crediting FCBC and its network as a crucial resource for overcoming these hurdles. Yeshiwork emphasized continuous improvement, feedback, mentorship, and self-development within FCBC, underlining the significance of club members as a source of inspiration and the importance of aligning with meaningful causes for sustainable personal growth.

Another question delved into creating enabling environments within their respective companies. Both Aster and Hanna championed the cause of creating opportunities and providing unwavering support for women. Aster focused on employment opportunities and backing women-owned businesses, while Hanna emphasized the need for conscious, all-encompassing support in every aspect of a woman’s life, including nurturing women in business and challenging harmful traditions. They also underscored the participation of FCBC members in platforms like the National Dialogue, actively striving to create an environment that empowers their entire community. Both panelists placed great emphasis on the empowerment of women and the cultivation of a supportive environment for their success.

AWiB’s November event painted a vivid portrait of the immense impact when women come together to craft a supportive space for leadership. The panelists, successful female CEOs, generously shared their experiences and insights, underscoring the power of unity, knowledge-sharing, and unwavering support. Beyond the event’s confines, the panelists continued to engage in national dialogues, mentor students, and form partnerships with like-minded individuals. As the event concluded, Samrawit’s closing remarks resonated with gratitude, acknowledging the enduring bonds and strength the panelists had offered the audience on their insightful journey. The event as a compelling reminder of the potential unlocked when women collaborate share their wisdom, and uplift one another.

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