Conscious Parenting Recap

Facilitator: Tsemere Mezemer, Owner & Councilor of Mind Morning Behavior Training, Research & Consultancy PLC

The round table discussion (RTD) allowed members to dig deep into their past and assess themselves. Members talked about their strengths, weakness, and how people would describe a child. There was a range of emotions in the group as they talked about their childhood. Some were sad, some were angry, and some were grateful. Tsemere mentioned that we unknowingly transfer all the hurt we experienced as a kid to our own children. She added, “We have to be able to separate patterns from our parents & STOP transferring it to our kids.”

Major takeaways:

  • When you focus on yourself, you let go of the things that don’t serve you or cause you harm
  • When we take on the responsibilities of others, we sacrifice our needs for others.
  • Mothers tend to forget their needs when they have a husband and children. This can breed resentment and depression – repeating what her younger self saw her mother experience
  • Your childhood impacts your adulthood, especially if you aren’t aware of the connection
  • You’re an unhealed child; therefore, you can’t understand your child & raise them in a healthy way
  • To be a conscious parent, you need to parent yourself first. It is your responsibility to stop the generational trauma.

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