A Journey To Self-Love Recap

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We kicked off the Journey To Self-Love session with introductions, allowing participants to share their reasons for attending this enlightening roundtable discussion (RTD). A common theme emerged as we delved into the experiences of growing up as girls— a societal narrative that conditioned us to sacrifice our needs and desires for others. The prevailing notion that putting ourselves first is deemed selfish was a familiar narrative, highlighting the scarcity of parents who encourage their daughters to prioritize their own needs.

The discussion then delved into the concept of the “pain body” as an accumulation of unprocessed emotions leading to an internal illness collection. The critical point emphasized was that these emotional burdens persist until we invest time in addressing and resolving them. The pain body, often dormant, has the potential to erupt unexpectedly, triggered by certain events.

Shifting focus, we explored the significance of observing thought patterns, recognizing the detrimental impact of self-criticism on the journey to self-love. Understanding that being grateful and maintaining positive thoughts contributes to a robust sense of self, we discussed the perpetual trap of comparing ourselves to others, leading to a sense of threat.

A moment of reflection was introduced — the true measure of gratitude is not just when everything is going well, but when one can remain grateful amidst challenges and negativity. This discussion set the stage for acknowledging the importance of a comprehensive self-care routine. We expanded the definition of self-care beyond mere external acts, such as hairstyling, to encompass internal practices like active self-listening, positive self-talk, and gratitude.

As the session concluded, members were prompted to ponder and share their unique self-care rituals, fostering a collective exchange of insights on the journey to self-discovery and well-being. The diverse perspectives illuminated the varied ways individuals nurture themselves, reinforcing the notion that holistic self-care is a deeply personal and multifaceted endeavor.

  • Girls are conditioned by societal norms to prioritize others over themselves, often labeling self-prioritization as selfish.
  • The concept of the “pain body” refers to the accumulation of unprocessed emotions that can lead to internal distress. It is crucial to invest time in addressing and resolving emotional burdens to prevent unexpected emotional eruptions.
  • Examining thought patterns is key to combating self-criticism. Establishing a connection between cultivating gratitude and fostering positive thoughts is essential for building a resilient sense of self.
  • Adopting a holistic self-care routine goes beyond external actions and should encompass internal practices. Active self-listening, positive self-talk, and practicing gratitude are integral components of a comprehensive self-care approach.

Facilitator: Mastewal Habtamu, AWiBer

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