Tigist Abate


Tigist Abate works for Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) as Director of Credit Approval.


Tigist Abate works for Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) as Director of Credit Approval. She has been with CBE for 17 years and in managerial position for the last 13 years.

Tigist is the last in a family of five, is married and is a mother of two—a boy and a girl. Tigist says her boy who is diagnosed with mild autism is her source of power and strength and helps her live life passionately. And her girl that could pass as demanding keeps life so warm and challenging positively. Tigist says her daughter also teaches her how to be patient.

Tigist credits her success and ambition in life to her late father who drilled in her as a child to be the best. He called her” Beletu” to say she outshined all. He taught her to be resilient and excel in what she does. Even though he is no longer alive, she says she still feels his kisses of encouragement. Her mother also always encouraged her to be the best student and to always stand first in her class which Tigist honored to the end. Tigist says her family is her Impulse to go forward, to be the best and to keep learning.

Tigist really loves what she does for a living. It is all about development and growth which she is passionate about. She says, “The central element for my job satisfaction is, I love understanding and supporting people in their businesses and accomplishing their vision. I am proud of the successful projects that I am part of in deciding to be financed, which translates into the economic development of Ethiopia”. Tigist holds an MBA in international business