Lensa Mekonnen


Lensa Mekonnen was born and educated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She graduated from Addis Ababa College of Commerce with a BA in Business Administration and Information System and is currently doing her Masters in Business Leadership (graduating class) at University of South Africa.

Lensa currently is the program coordinator for Synergos Institute, Ethiopia office. Prior to joining Synergos she worked as Executive Assistant to the Regional Director at Oxfam America, Horn of Africa Regional Office focusing on assisting the director on program implementation follows up and report submission. She also worked as Cultural Affairs Assistant with the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa where she spent time focusing on educational development , cultural exchange and youth and women outreach.

Lensa volunteers at Save One Life NOW, a nonprofit organization that is being established in Ethiopia. She was also a volunteer at Ethiopian Muslim Women Association and Addis Ababa Muslim Women council  both working on empowering women and supporting VOC’s.

Lensa has the passion for colors and organizing. She strongly believes that one will be happy  if they spend time doing what they love most and lively hood affairs become easy. She is a strong believer on marking once destiny and embracing who we are. She believes that you mark your strength in your hard times and your weakness on the good once.