A ROSE amongst Wild Flowers

Zemi Yenus

Nothing is new about death, passing away or heading to the next home, but Zemi’s passing was a void that will be felt for many years to come. This beautiful person has departed and we didn’t even get a chance to say thank you! Zemi’s death shouldn’t have happened but we are not bargaining with God…it is just that such a contributing citizen should not be departing so soon. Zemi’s dream, ambition for the good of mankind is disrupted unexpectedly. Zemi was larger than life. Zemi showed us what human dignity looks like; her message of paying due respect for all regardless of their origin was indeed mesmerizing. Her wisdom, her calmness, her kindness… we all miss. Zemi made those who were privileged enough to be nearby feel how important we all are to God and to our community. She opened her heart to all who were ready to receive it. She became a voice to the voiceless.

AWiB celebrated this precious being in 2014 as one of Women of Excellence…Ethiopia’s gems. It was our wish that we celebrated her centennial…it wasn’t meant to be.

Zemi’s legacy lives on…must live on. There are many good citizens who are working to uphold her work, wishes, dreams. We have no doubt her causes she worked on tirelessly, especially her march to make the world aware of autism, will bear fruit. She is memorialized in all our hearts. She remains precious in all our dreams.

Farewell beloved soul. May your next home be as comfortable as you were in your skin. You were a force while alive. Don’t stray far dear lady…stay close because we count on you to be our medium that echoes only joy!

The AWiB Team

Zemi Yenus, a woman of excellence:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcHi3lLF5dI

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