Yodit Giday, AWiB Senior Project Manager

Yodit Giday

AWiB Senior Project Manager

AWiB would like to announce our newest addition to lead from the office end chosen by the hiring committee formed for the purpose. Yodit will join the team officially on September 15, 2019.  We let Yodit do the talking below so you have a glimpse of who she is. Please call her, greet her on the street and make her welcomed when you have the next opportunity. We believe Yodit will take us to the next level. Welcome Yodit to the most exciting tribe in town.

Selam!  Been saying I am 1,000 years old.  Truly moved by our connections, I believe when people say they were thinking of the one who just called them.  I believe our differences are our strengths.  Life would be boring if were all the same.  I bow to AWiB as an organization of women exchanging thoughts, celebrating each other, and so much more. This is exactly what we need more of in this world.  Thank you for allowing me to join the AWiB family!  I look forward to positive, endless connections.

Exciting links in my life have come in various ways, one being art.  Currently in what I call “exhibition mode,” I opened a cozy gallery in Sar Bait.  This is the second version (blessing, truly!) of Gidey Gallery.  Thank God for Emaye and Abaye! The first GG was along Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado, in the U.S.

Back in the day I worked as a photojournalist.  The Durango Herald welcomed me several months before receiving my photojournalism (Communication Arts & Sciences BA) degree.  This was my first chance to truly explore…and get paid for it!  I covered county fairs, fires and highway accidents, sports, political campaigns (DNC 2008 was the highlight), musical events and everything a community offers.  Whenever there were opportunities to mentor students—especially young women—in the photo world and beyond, I always jumped on the opportunity.  It was an exciting, excellent start many moons ago.

Sometimes, life takes us on adventures, but I am thankful photography won’t leave me alone.  In a certain path I learned to make a mean cappuccino.  I have worked as nanny to the cutest boy (my nephew) but I haven’t had children (yet).  While diving into different careers, I continued to arrange solo and group exhibitions in Colorado and Washington, D.C.  Most recently, my second U.S. home, D.C., had become “home base,” managing The Dental Suite.  Then Africa called.

Let us arrive to where I come from: Addis Ababa, the capital of magnificent, ancient Ethiopia.  I am moved by the energy here.  I am here to stay as long as I possibly can.  May it be!  Amen!

– Yodit Gidey

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