Why AWiB Matters!

Roman Tafessework

AWiB board member 2012 – 2014

How many of us here have plenty of spare time to do our office work? Take our children to cinema? Have lunch with our parents, siblings, relatives? Enough time for our loved ones? For those caring neighbors? Time for shopping, house maintenance, social gatherings, funerals, weddings and all? We don’t have time to do all these all the time.

Today all of you at May Forum chose to be here in spite of thousands of places you need to be and thousands of chores you need to take off your “to do” lists. Why?? The answer is very simple…because you matter! Yes you…you matter and that equates to “AWiB matters” for us all here!

People say women sometimes choose outer beauty than the inner, but not us the AWiBers. We know spending on our external body is vital and makes us beautiful, but AWiB makes us useful! Purposeful & powerful!

So why AWiB? Why does it really matter?

I was asking around my friends, the ardent AWiBers of all time and pillars to AWiB. Why does AWiB matter to you? Here is their response:

The first respondent:

  • “AWiB matters because every woman needs a circle of likeminded women who are committed to their own personal and professional development”.
  • “I have benefitted immensely as a member from the numerous networking opportunities, round table discussions, trainings and workshops”.
  • “We constantly need to challenge ourselves to become better leaders in our chosen field; and AWiB provides an ample opportunity for this challenge in a safe environment; safe as in with purely no judgment but pure support”
  • “AWiB is a way of giving back to our community from mentoring its board members, young female students, to serving on the board and facilitating round table discussions”.
  • AWiB’s contributions to my improved quality of life has been enormous”

The Second Respondent:

  • AWiB matters for me because it proved that I can, as the saying goes “She wants, she believes and she can!”
  • “It connected me to the world through its most successful weekly, monthly, and yearly programs and networking platforms”.
  • “AWiB is my life-long school whereby I assert my professional and personal growth path.”

The Third Respondent

  • “AWiB brings out the best in people”.
  • “AWiB creates a wonderful space for women to shine”
  • “AWiB is a place where leadership skill is nurtured.”

The fourth Respondent

  • “At AWiB, I saw new possibilities for thinking, acting and conducting my life.”
  • “I experienced sisterhood and support system, within a culture of self-development.”
  • “AWiB is a source of my uniqueness, working to achieve results, and positively shifting the systems around me.”
  • “I witnessed AWiB developing eloquent, engaged women, ready to serve society, and transform the same.”
  • “I witnessed AWiB creates a space for dialogue on burning issues, where norms are challenged.”

The Last Respondent

  • “YES AWiB matters because women’s spaces matter.”
  • “Yes, AWiB matters because women should unapologetically seek professional and personal development.”

Now, I believe you would like to hear my response to the same question. Why AWiB matters. Don’t you,

And I say…


Become a member today, become the BEST version of yourself as I am!

I thank you.

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