Welcome AWiB Ambassadors for Sustainability!

Haddis Tadesse, Melika Bedri, Frealem Shibabaw, Hikmet Abdella

AWiB Ambassadors

The CHOSEN ONES gathered.  We recognize and thank our AWiB Ambassadors for continuing to uplift women in leadership!  We approached these movers and shakers of our community with a novel idea.  This endeavor gives them an opportunity to expand even more through strengthening AWiB to continue guiding women leaders of our country to soar.  With a divine brunch at the gorgeous Abbaba’s Villa on Sat., Oct. 30, 2021, we launched the AWiB Ambassadors program.  We felt the spirit of those who accepted the call to be an AWiB diplomat but were not able to join us.  A few representatives from AWiB Board 2022 networked with the ambassadors.

Thank you, Ambassadors!  We feel gratitude for sound beings in the community intentionally working on diversity in the nation’s leadership.  You understand this vital assignment.  Leaders are born through AWiB.  Those who exist are given priceless platforms by AWiB.  They unleash their best selves and contribute positively to society.

We are delighted to have you on board.  Let us continue networking and experience-sharing so we press on to emerge, connect and grow together!

We introduce our AWiB Ambassadors representing and expanding the movement:

From left:  Haddis Tadesse, Melika Bedri, Frealem Shibabaw, Hikmet Abdella

Ambassadors who were not able to join the launch brunch are Ambassador Tadelech Hailemikael, Helina Girma, Nebil Kellow, Salahadin Khalifa.

Ambassador Tadelech Hailemikael
Helina Girma
Salahadin Khalifa
Salahadin Khalifa

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