Ten years commitment:

Nadia Waber and the AWiB Movement

Commitment is the action powering desire.  A great idea is born, but without nurturing it, it does not blossom to its full potential.  And that is what commitment does—it grows a seed to a forest.  Believing in the idea is necessary to commit to it.  It takes conviction.  It takes trust.  It takes focus.  It takes faith.  Commitment is not just a daily practice; it is timeless.

Solo or in numbers, commitment asks for persistence.  Commitment is a promise or agreement to keep going toward the goal no matter the odds.  It is deliberate.  It is relentless.  Communication is key especially in a team environment.  It takes courage not only to work through tough times but to constantly exchange and accept ideas openly.  And that brings one back to the original point of commitment—the cause…the movement.

We celebrate a woman who has taken the AWiB movement to her heart.  We celebrate her membership renewals year in and year out—from the very start.  Nadia Waber is a woman of excellence.  Nadia Waber is AWiB.

Question from Founder and Executive Director Nahu S. Girma:   

You are the only one in 10-year history that never missed a beat at AWiB.  Paid membership, came to HER rescue every time, supported HER by nurturing HER clueless members, by recruiting HER precious assets—HER members—and guided HER leaders for the entire 10 years.  Why?

Nadia in her own words:

I believe it’s because I care to be reliable, to keep my promises and live our commitment.  I can’t see any other way.

I found an amazing team that delivers and I wished to be fully immersed in the blessing.  

If we don’t pay our membership fee on time, AWiB is in trouble: how can a family put food on the table without the monthly cash flow?

I feel honoured that whenever we experienced gaps I could support in filling some, to the best of my ability.  I believe that growing an organisation is like nurturing a baby – you give her all you’ve got, especially during the first years. 

I have always loved how we have been able to learn from challenges, and to consciously work on our development.  My intention has been to model the behaviours we have spoken about.  I hope that I have been able to.  And you have modelled your commitment and determination all along the way. 

Kudos for AWiB’s consistency without missing a beat!  AWiB has had teams who deliver! And I am grateful for the organic co-creation we have had at Strategic Leadership Team (SLT).  

And if we are not there with AWiB, how can we keep the momentum going for the women’s agenda in the country?  From being a networking platform, to evolving to being a space to develop one’s leadership, to contributing to society and policy/system change – that’s how I see AWiB evolving, and that needs to be sustained.  It would be easy to be torn from different commitments, but saying ‘no’ to others keeps us focused.

I pray that the younger members will take the baton, and with passion move this forward.  AWiB provides great learning.  I hope that we keep on listening and learning from what our members wish to tell us.

Thank you for your patience and sleepless nights in this.  You have had stamina.


In order to expand AWiB, reach out to many and sustain the movement, we need people like Nadia.  The only way to understand AWiB wholly is to be part of it.  Attend weekend and monthly events and you feel the energy!  If you have felt this energy, don’t overthink it.  AWiB is for you.

There is no formula to commitment.  One feels it in their soul and follows through.

Thank you for following through with your 10-year commitment to membership at AWiB, Nadia!

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