Sit, Sip, Sift: Cherish Addis Connects

Cherish Addis

Sara Yirga, an ardent AWiBer, has reached a milestone in introducing YA Coffee to local coffee lovers.  Cherish Addis Coffee & Books, a cozy establishment in Bole by the Japan Embassy, is a new adventure in coffee and for coffee. The concept was in the minds of its creators for some years before it became a reality.  While becoming a global brand as a coffee roaster, YA Coffee Roasters’ coffee was not accessible to the local market; only few knew about the coffee exporters and fewer purchased and used their products.

Cherish is established to create that connection with local coffee consumers while maintaining the highest standard of quality and service.  The cafe is designed to entice people to flip a page or two while they sip a coffee drink of their choice. The team plans to collaborate with book sellers so they avail options—from reading to buying.  A private corner offers a working space for two-to-three colleagues at a time, with free Wi-Fi, coffee, snacks and water served as a package.

Sara, herself, is a “package” of business knowledge with a personal, caring touch—inspirational to many.  Let us indulge in this new experience of an AWiBer and her team’s energy transmuted to a community space.  Best wishes and Cherish the moment!

The AWiB Team

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