Setaweet (‘Of Woman) – A Feminist Initiative

Setaweet (‘Of Woman)

A Feminist Initiative

Former AWiB board member, Sehin Teferra (PhD) and Billene Seyoum, AWiB President 2013, have partnered up in an initiative aimed at raising gender equality consciousness.

The Setaweet initiative aims to engage both women and men in dialogue as important contributors to bringing about gender equality in our communities. This is done through a three-pillar approach of:

  1. Providing equality consciousness training for private companies and non-governmental organizations. A feminist curriculum for short trainings has also been developed for high schools.
  2. Conducting commissioned research and studies for policy making by primarily integrating a feminist analysis and critique.
  3. Hosting feminist conversations & learning platforms on key issues pertinent to the Ethiopian context for women only in the monthly Setaweet Circle, men only in the #ArifWond circle and mix group conversations in the quarterly Open Sessions.

Setaweet has emerged out of the desire to contribute towards making the vision of gender equality a reality in Ethiopia.

To learn more about Setaweet and what it can offer your organization, email or

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