Fetien Abay

Professor Fetien Abay

president of Mekelle University

Congratulations to Professor Dr. Fetien Abay on her appointment as acting president of Mekelle University.  An award winning scientist, a community activist and a lecturer, Professor Fetien has been serving Mekelle University under different capacities (and the last five years, full professorship) since its foundation in 1993. Under her tenure, she saw the University transformed from 42 students to one of the largest and finest universities in Ethiopia with more than 30,000 students. Fetien Abay works tirelessly on breeding barley, an important highland staple. Her aim is to produce varieties with improved drought and waterlogging tolerance.

The 2nd woman president in the 33 universities of Ethiopia, Fetien’s appointment is not only deserving but utmost importance for making Ethiopia’s higher institutions more competitive and better serving the country. Fetien is a vanguard of the movement for women academicians’ rightful place. She is a superb educator, a passionate mentor, a genuine friend and a strong voice for quality education hence a highly qualified contender. Her work and participation on the world academic stage earning prominence, she brings useful connections and visibility to the institution.

We, at AWiB, express our excitement on Fetien’s appointment and we are hopeful she will soon win the presidency seat. No better person for those who are seriously concerned about the quality of education in Ethiopia! We say, it is a good beginning.

We celebrate Professor Fetien’s appointment on behalf of all women in the academic institutions and all Ethiopians who are desperate for quality of education in the nation.

The AWiB Team

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