Presenting the AWiB Children’s Corner!

Who says that motherhood has to keep you from self development?

In a culture where having a child is the culmination of a woman’s potential; where you are bombarded with pressures of fulfilling your biological destiny, where motherhood is the never ending of ceaseless self sacrifice and care, it seems that there is no time for anything else. In fact, it seems you are more than encouraged to put everything else on hold, least of all leadership development and networking. That is what, in not so many words anyway, most AWiB members informed us when asked why AWiB is missing their glorious presence.

Well no more!

Motherhood is a beautiful thing but sometimes Mommy needs time to work on herself and no babysitter challenge should keep her from that. AWiB prides itself in being the hub for emerging women leaders that come together, emerge and grow, that include mothers! Recognizing that a big part of a women’s leadership development process includes the important experience of motherhood and neither one can be mutually exclusive for many, AWiB introduces the AWiB Children’s Corner. Designed to host children of all ages, this space provider the AWiBer mom a few hours of much needed me time while she attends AWiB programs on the weekend.

Children will have multiple activities to keep them engaged while their mother grows and grows with AWiB.

Activities include:

  1. Nap corner for the very young
  2. Reading corner for the avid readers
  3. Drawing and writing corner for the budding young artist/writer
  4. Games and activities
  5. Movies corner

In the pipeline AWiB also would like to make the space available for Mommy and Me activities where new mothers can learn from each other’s experiences.

What can you do to support this initiative?

We are still working on the space and working out the kinks so any support you can provide, material or otherwise, would be a great help.

Please contact our office for more information.

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