Parents Open Doors of Passion Academy!

Passion Academy

When there is a will, there is a way.  Passion Academy S.C. was established by a group of strong and courageous parents. This huge undertaking was conceived and implemented as a result of an unexpected closure of Unity Academy Keraniyao Branch.  After fighting the injustice, the resilient parents created their own Share Holding Company and opened Passion Academy in September 2021.

The name passion says it all—it’s about resiliency, it’s about creativity, it’s about innovation, it’s about asserting the right to be informed of any changes that affect the community.

Passion Academy S.C. has a vision to create the best community school.  The parents are exhilarated to announce they are getting ready for the new school year with the vision to provide the best teaching and learning environment for their children.  The academy will accommodate Kindergarten through Grade 12.

This is a grand lesson for the greater community that anything is possible with the right attitude, determination, and action—be the change you want to see.

Congratulations, passionate parents!  And happy learning to all the students of Passion Academy – we’re rooting for you!


Phone: +251 118 33 76 46 / +251 911 24 24 43 / +251 911 20 22 54

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