Nahu Senay Girma, spoke at WINConference

Nahu Senay Girma

Founder and Director of AWiB

Nahu Senay Girma, Founder and Director of AWiB spoke at WINConference, (the Women’s Leadership Summit), in partnership with Human Resource Working Partners (HURWORPS), Nigeria. Held in Abuja from November 22-24, Nahu was invited to share the story of AWiB: achievement, challenges, and ambitions.

Women’s International Networking (WIN) is an internationally acclaimed women networking conference that was founded by Kristin Engvig in 1998. WIN’s Visionary Spirit is “Modeling a Global, authentic and feminine way of running a business and the world”.  WINConference is primarily held once a year in Europe but Asia has been the 2nd hotbed for this incredibly moving summit.

This conference was also the inaugural WINConference in Nigeria, first time on the Continent. Annual WINConference is well attended by 400-500 women and a few men from all over the world.

The Conference Theme “Leading the Way” discussed how women can accelerate transformation that we have been witnessing throughout the world, and allow more possibilities into our lives, work and world. The conference also encouraged women to lead the way creating a paradigm in which we can contribute with our authenticity, integrating joy and freedom to structure and efficiency; to rewrite the rules of the game and lead the way with openness, strength and grace.

Nahu’s speech was on “Realizing You”: How we can realize our full potential as we contribute to evolving our work and world into places where we all can thrive. How to explore the power in being connected to others, ourselves and the Divine and finding a space to envision a future that benefits all.

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