Kidus Yared In Action

Kidus Yared

The community recognizes some 200 students who have gained priceless knowledge with her guidance.  She sees between the notes and silent spaces to produce just the right melody.  ቅዳሴ ፡ እና ፡ ዜማ ፡ መምሕርት “Kidase i’na zema memhirt” Sosina Belai is a unique teacher of the kind—a woman.  Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church traditions have led many men to be teachers of the hymns, but it was Sosina’s commitment to studying religiously and travel to do so that led her to this very moment.  Visiting monasteries—sometimes for several months at a time—Sosina studied the songs and chants, and she updates herself frequently.  Young women now see it is possible to do what she has done.  Humble and radiating a smile that lights up the world, this incredible being is a blessing to Ethiopia and the world!

Her story in film:

Video from Amhara Mass Media Agency

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