Jegnit is a movement founded with collaboration with government, NGOs and private commercial companies in efforts to remove obstacles that prevents a girl /woman from excelling in life.  It was launched on October 30, 2018, by the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth.  It was officially inaugurated on November 5, 2018, by the F.D.R.E President Sahlework Zewede in the presence of invited guests from all sectors in society.  Jegnit translates to “Heroine.”

Jegnit’s slogan is “Alemech, Akedech, Asakach,” meaning, “She Envisions, She Plans, She Executes.”

The Jegnit Movement is a purpose-driven movement designed, managed and led by a social enterprise company called Amygdala Creatives Trading PLC.  Amygdala believes in collaborating and serving as a platform to connect.  Jegnit is one of the various projects and campaigns Amygdala leads.

Jegnit’s  work follows the movement’s slogan.  The team is currently working on removing obstacles that is preventing a girl from envisioning a brighter future.  They have identified Menstruation Hygiene Management as one of the first obstacles girls face.  Sanitary products being unaffordable and inaccessible, water unavailability at schools and waste management are all obstacles holding close to 20 Million girls behind.  The team came up with “Yejegnit Abeba,” an awareness-raising platform using films and media engagement, “No Girl Left Behind Period,” an inclusive campaign for prominent figures to stand with Jegnit to Leave no girl behind, a platform to highlight the necessity of female-friendly restrooms for all women and girls at all locations, and lobbying tools for the removal of tax on sanitary products.

Artist Tsedenia GebreMarkos is Jegnit’s brand ambassador.  Currently, Jegnit’s partners are F.D.R.E Ministry of Women, Children and Youth, WaterAid and Girl Effect.

Social Enterprise Business – Goal to reach 1 million.

Jegnit Sanitary Kit (the team creates kits for individuals and organizations to give):

  • 10 disposable sanitary pads
  • 1 bar of soap
  • 1 piece of cloth/towel
  • 1 catalogue

What Jegnit has done so far:

  • Intensive media campaign on awareness raising
  • Collected sanitary products for prisoners
  • Produced PSA (“Yejegnit Abeba”)
  • Produced 3K Kits
  • Identified 11 vulnerable schools in Addis Ababa to support in September
  • Organized a sector dialogue on menstrual hygiene management (MHM) with various ministers and international organizations

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