Here’s to Ethiopia

Sahle-Work Zewde

AWiB proudly presents our President for the year 2023—Samrawit Meressa. Samrawit is a dynamic individual whose unrelenting character and creative mind will take AWiB several notches higher. There is a great deal to be expected from AWiB in 2023. AWiB, as every young but superbly dynamic association, is in transformation, and hence most of the year’s agenda is based on “Honing Our Leadership Skills”. We are excited to have found this young woman whose passion for life, leadership, and women empowerment has desperately needed to lead the organization and the many followers who are expecting more and more from AWiB.

Samrawit is a Production Managing Director on Titilo Show, broadcasted on DSTV that, which produces a reality show for children staffed with an experienced and accomplished team. She is also a team member of a family-owned jewelry business, Zoskales Diamond.

“AWiB gave me the opportunity to discover about myself, my capabilities and created a platform to become a better leader and to outshine. AWiB, for me, is a place where I continuously grow but within that path, I have supportive women that encourage and uplift me to become the best version of myself”.

We congratulate Samrawit on joining & using the platform that Aspires to Inspire—AWiB!


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