Fashion week is a big part of Hub of Africa.

ARKies Leather

The Fashion week offers tremendous scope for the African countries designers to participate in regional and global integration. In Addis Fashion week 2016 which was held in Millennium hall on the 6th of October, more than 12 African Designers Participated. Among this twelve plus Designers Arkies leather was one of the participants.

Arkies leather, designer Semhal Guesh was chosen to accessorize the fashion show out of the leather accessories designers in Ethiopia overall. This was a break for Arkies leather in the terms of exposure and recognition to the glamorous design world as it is a young company in Ethiopia. This also has helped this new startup designer for her to see and learn and keep learning from the designers participating in the fashion show create contact, market linkage, largely see outside the norm and design for the future with the tools to cater to the African fashion and the rest of the world.

Arkies Leather Brief profile

ARKies Leather, first conceptualized on campus, has now grown to produce a variety of creative designs on products ranging from accessories key chains, wallets, belts, purses laptop bags, travel bags promotional leather items for different corporate companies, events and conferences. ArKies leather employs eleven additional workers and currently has a small workshop and a show room to display its products.

The company’s vision is to be a leading leather manufacturing company on the continent, producing innovative and creative designs, creating employment opportunities for women in various parts of Ethiopia throughout the value chain, and contributing towards the economic prosperity of Ethiopia.

Semhal Guesh Biography 

Semhal Guesh is co-founder and Managing Partner of ARKies Leather, a startup company that produces a wide variety of handmade leather products. During her years as a student, Semhal developed a passion for designing leather goods: her studies further enabled her to put her entrepreneurship skills to use. Conquering the different challenges she faced in the leather industry business, Semhal went on to build ARKies leather after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Addis Ababa University (EiABC).

Semhal is leading ARKies Leather with the dream of building git into a large leather manufacturing company. She is simultaneously a practicing architect and managing Arkystk Events PLC. The latter compliments the leather business well by bringing clients from conferences and events. Semhal ultimate goal is to be successful in her fields of expertise, transcending these roles to bring change to her community, her country and her continent and inspiring fellow women to do the same.

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