Farewell to a Great Citizen:

Ellene Mocria

Ellene Mocria, an upright person of our community, passed on to the next life on July 20th, a few months shy of her 80th birthday.

A formidable voice in Ethiopia’s airwaves, Ellene’s life intertwined with journalism, a profession that seems on trial rather than on a pedestal. Ellene fought, persecuted, imprisoned to be a voice to the voiceless especially to women’s rights. To lose such a citizen is devastating to the journalistic community but she left an indelible mark, to uplift & uphold the profession.

Witty, humorous, light-spirited, Ellene became a moral compass to many who followed her path and to her children and all her relations. She will be missed sorely!

AWiB celebrated the woman in head-wraps while alive. We celebrate her life in transition as well, upholding her achievements in passing the baton to many whose hearts became her shrine. Ellene also remains in many hearts– friends and relatives alike– for her uplifting personality, for her generosity, for her endless compassion not only to humanity but also to animals. We all lost our teacher, guide and light.

Farewell, dear one. May your next journey become as rebellious as your last, so we hear you loud and clear and feel you in all our moves on this earth.


Her story:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22WVTa-jPRU

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