Farewell, Mother of Many:

Tirhas Mezgebe

“No woman should die while giving birth.” – Tirhas Mezgebe

There is not one way to achieve success, but those who follow their calling are sure to arrive before the masses.  And when we encounter what does not settle well within us, to empathise and take action—that is commendable…and success!  With those thoughts and in those words, we remember the woman invested in no woman dying while giving birth: AWiB’s 2014 Women of Excellence Tirhas Mezgebe.  Tirhas successfully transformed tradition to save lives.

A gentle soul who found her calling in a new community while finalizing her trip to leave Ethiopia, young Tirhas had a strange encounter with blessings in disguise.  The first blessing was the supermarket she worked in.  The second blessing was a scream.  It was devastating to discover a woman who had lost yet another child in traditions and cultures that forced women to deal with childbirth alone.  Easing her way into the community by way of dialogue with the men (and gift in hand—Areqi), Tirhas sought ways to unveil a better way of life for the (formerly Pawe) Benishangul-Gumuz region.  She focused on maternity care and founded the Mujujegwa Loka Women’s Development Association.  She served the community one woman at a time.  She did this for some 30 years.

Many would have died if Tirhas was not there.  These are words of many.

Those lucky to attend WOE 2014 will recall a joyfully tearful Tirhas as Titleholder among a stage of strong leaders of the nation.

We celebrate you, guiding bright light.  You are an inspiration, and we are in gratitude to have encountered your presence and work.  May there be more Tirhases in our world!

Happy trails!

AWiB Team

Read more about Tirhas and view documentary:  Tirhas Mezgebe – A woman invested in no woman dying while giving birth – AWiB Ethiopia

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