Earuyan Solutions – ‘Consulting with Heart’

Earuyan Solutions

‘Consulting with Heart’

AWiB congratulates its 2013 President and member, Billene Seyoum, for launching Earuyan Solutions.

In Geez, an ancient South Semitic language and precursor to Amharic, Earuyan means ‘equality’. Earuyan Solutions is a social impact driven company offering the following services for projects already promoting or wanting to integrate gender equality consciousness into their work:

  • Design and delivery of tailor-made workshops on promoting gender equality;
  • Content and concept design of social issue-based forums and dialogue platforms;
  • Undertake gender equality research, studies and assessments;

In addition to the above services, Earuyan brings to current and prospective clients its unique blend of experience and understanding in human capacity and organizational development, providing diverse teams with group development/alignment and facilitation services.

With a vision to be a leading social impact driven company-providing gender equality and team development/alignment promoting solutions for organizations and projects throughout Eastern Africa and the Horn region, Earuyan Solutions is committed to:

  • promoting gender equality consciousness through all our work
  • excellence and social impact
  • designing collaborative and human centered solutions

Find out more at www.earuyan.com or email info@earuyan.com for specific inquiries.

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