Congratulations to our own Nebat Abbas on the launching of her new company, Phoenix Business Consulting Plc

Phoenix Business Consulting Plc

Nebat Abbas

“The test of an organization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance”. ~Peter Drucker~

Any organization- whether it is a non-for-profit,a large multinational serving millions of people across continents or a small startup that employs less than a dozen people –is ultimately driven by the performance of its employees; if it is not only to survive but thrive in its endeavors. Organizational performance, however, is contingent upon a number of factors; among which employee engagement is one of the most important considerations.

It is with this background that Phoenix Business Consulting Plc launched its services.  Like the mythological bird it is named after, the company helps organizations through continuous rounds of growth cycles by way of providing tailor -made Human Resource consulting services. These services are designed to drive employee engagement from their first interaction with the organization, their tenure within it and beyond the end of the formal employment relationship.

Organizations also benefit from Phoenix’s trainings in the areas of Performance Management, Time Management, Stress Management, Supervisory Skills and Customer Service. Other related and tailor made trainings can also be designed depending on specific learning and development needs of an organization’s employees.

For more information: Email:;   Mobile:  +251-930-362273

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