Changing of the Guards

Sewit Haileselassie Tadesse

AWiB’s 2019 President

AWiB is extremely proud and  delighted to present its 2019 President, Sewit Haileselassie Tadesse. Sewit joined AWiB as her passion, values and personal agenda are aligned with that of AWiB’s. She found AWiB to be a platform that ensures women’s leadership development at center stage and a space for women’s voices to be heard.

Sewit is a bold feminist with a background of Economics, Communication and Gender Studies. She’s a serial reader, critical thinker and analytical conversationalist which are significant virtues of a transformative and responsible leader. As someone who is always in a quest for peace and wisdom Sewit admits that motherhood has challenged her sense of self, her ideals, her conviction of kindness, fairness and justice and she has become better for it. Her daughter and son taught her that love should never require losing your voice, your sense of self-respect or your dignity but when done right, it is the most enriching experience.

At her essence, Sewit is a seed of potential that is sure to blossom into a formidable tree, with strong trunks and green branches, reaching new heights while giving shade and shelter to others around her. Sewit strongly believes that “self-development is key but do not just keep it to yourself. To spark something positive in people’s heart is the essence is leadership”

Sewit is a smart, dynamic and charming young woman who is the youngest president AWiB has ever had. She has served in various leadership roles and she is just getting started. Her strengths are vision, critical thinking and her articulate communication. While her dynamism makes her a rare find, she also believes in fairness and in supporting others to successeed and self-realization, fully confident that working towards that is an attainable goal.

When it comes to AWiB’s Movement, Sewit quotes Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that even has.”

We congratulate Sewit in her tenure as AWiB’s 2019 President. And her theme for the year is #WalkTheTalk

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