Celebrating the Culture of Dialogue: 10th Annual May Forum

May Forum debuted in 2012 with the vision of cultivating a culture of dialogue in a nation where the salient desire is my way or the highway. Over the years, the May Forum has grown into a pivotal platform for open dialogue around current relevant and relatable topics. It is known for breaking the cycle of silence around sensitive and controversial issues bringing them alight with the aim of creating solutions collaboratively. 

This landmark event gathers up to 500 participants each year and has witnessed exceptional keynote speakers move the audience with passion and courage. Selome Tadesse (2012 & 2013), Kebour Ghenna (2014), Konjit Seyoum (2015), Eugene Owusu (2016), Yetnebersh Nigussie (2017), Dr. Senait Fisseha (2018), Billene Seyoum (2019), and Aster Birke (2022).

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this extraordinary Forum on May 30th, the dialogue revolved around the theme: “Agile Leadership: From Authority to Partnership.” Hikmet Abdella, this year’s keynoter, unpacked Agile Leadership in her keynote speech with her soothing voice. She encouraged the audience to reflect on a crucial concept for human freedom “Waiting for someone else to voice our concerns is basically what I call a war on people’s capacity to think. It leads to intellectual paralysis. Leaders in any organization should encourage their team to speak up and create a safe space for sharing ideas”

Each year immaculate speakers grace the stage of the main dialogue with their knowledge and expertise to give an overview of the delegated theme. This year is no exception.  This May Forum featured Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, Aster Solomon, and Prof. Panos Hatziandreas tackle “Bridging the Gap: From Authority to Partnership”.

Alongside the main dialogue, May Forum hosts two more parallel sessions that focus on personal and professional development. These sessions offer tool boxes that participants can implement and practice throughout their journeys to success and fulfillment. This year’s topics for the parallel sessions were “Communicate to Influence” & “Creating High-Performing Teams through Commitment & Collaboration. 

Dashen Bank’s generous sponsorship made the celebration of the 10th AWiB Annual Annual May Forum possible. This support not only highlights the significance of the forum but also underscores the Dashen’s commitment to nurture the culture of dialogue within the corporate world.

AWiB extends deep gratitude to everyone who supported & contributed to each AWiB May Forum!

May We Find Our North!

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