Babies are beginnings.  They are beginnings to a new life for everyone intimately involved.  Each child is a whole universe waiting to expand, explore, and be explored.  Parents are the first teachers of these fresh energies to this Earth, and babies are constant teachers to their care-takers.

We celebrate AWiB 2020 babies!  As AWiB tribe members decidedly transform through continuous involvement, let us also rejoice in these sweet creatures—babies—who have transformed our lives.

Congratulations, AWiBers!   And welcome, AWiBers!   

Adil Tofik
Born Dec. 17, 2019
Seen with Kemer Temam

Akale Zelalem
Born June 2, 2020
Seen with Hawi Petros

Armah Yetateku
Born Jan. 17, 2020
Seen with Marthe Gidey

Delina Solomon
Born Oct. 22, 2020
Seen with Asmeret Gebrehiwet

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