AWiB Senior to Junior Business Seminar

AWiB, true to its foundation—serving the business community—has designed a “Senior to Junior” business seminar.  With future plans to hold it twice a year, the seminar is dedicated to the development of startup businesses.  “Seniors,” those with many years of business under their belts and succeeding against all odds will impart their experiences and wisdom to “Junior” businesswomen, those who have had businesses less than five years.

This program is also about mentorship.  Mentoring is a sure and only way to success for aspiring young businesswomen.  At this seminar we launch this important undertaking: AWiB business mentorship program.  For the last three years AWiB has implemented a board mentorship program and we have had tremendous success.  Some even call this mentorship program that is part and parcel of the intensive AWiB leadership process a leadership boot camp.  We want to replicate the same success to the business community and leaders.

Female CEO breakfast Club, our senior women business owners alliance, was created almost 3 years ago to network with each other, to vendor from each other and to make genuine friends.  The group meets once a month on the last Friday except August and the programs delivered are catered to FCBC ladies’ particular needs.  The focus of this group, however, is to give back to the community that sustains them.  Giving back in their context is to teach what they learned the hard way so to spare many aspiring, ambitious businesses from unnecessary heartache—reinventing the wheel, our women CEOs find wasteful and time-consuming.  These magnanimous women are all about giving back and we hope the “Juniors” will grab it and gravitate to it.

This gathering—the first of its kind—will be held on November 29th at UNCC.  It is a business seminar for locals by locals dealing with the real situation within the Ethiopian context, delivered by the practitioners themselves.

AWiB is so proud to announce this important achievement and we invite those who are ambitious enough to have their own businesses and save Ethiopia from poverty to use this platform.

The AWiB Team

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