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First Consult & Initiative Africa

Throughout its 11-year history, AWiB has proven its mission by impacting the lives of hundreds of women to be leaders in politics, business, community and academia.  Hats off to those who deeply understand the value of such a creation; we could not do it without our supporters.  Growth, innovation, and opportunity don’t just take place without effort; we have to come together to reach the collective goal:  the evolution of Ethiopia and, naturally, the world.  Diversity in leadership is most important to assure fresh and different ideas, balancing the power in leadership; studies show involving women increases economic gain among other constructive results in any business.

Partnership, a cooperative relationship between individuals or groups to share responsibility in attaining a collective outcome which benefits all stakeholders, is one sure way to keep the necessary movement of AWiB alive.  It leaves a positive imprint on society in countless ways, one which we may never know the true effect of until centuries later.

AWiB, as a trend-setter, has brought in the Addis Ababa community—and popularized—the concept of networking and more practitioners.  We encourage tribe members to actively engage in self-reflection and self-growth, to ask questions and change the status quo.  We have instituted the culture of dialogue and practice of appreciation which have become usable models from the president’s office all the way to the media such as “Ye’bego Sew.”  AWiB has a reputation for its delivery, quality of programs, and brand of EXCELLENCE.  Over the years, AWiB has created a sound database of capable and dynamic women leaders that we have promoted and made visible as indispensible and impactful resources.

To keep such energy alive and dig deeper in our work, AWiB seeks partnership for financial support with (often private) entities—those we feel align with our cause and can inspire our determination and drive.  While we typically invite future partners to our yearly partnership appreciation dinner in December where we discuss our work and what they receive in return, the response this year was different.

Still, the partners that we connected with know, as all in the past, what reflects on them is the good will on and of society.  They recognize their brand automatically connects with that of one uplifting women leaders globally by starting at home.  Studies show corporations with social responsibility plans are frequented by consumers—9 out of 10 consumers refrain from doing business with an organization which does not have one.

AWiB promotes HER partners and their support for RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP by any means necessary in all involvements of the movement.  Our partners make it possible to keep focused on and grow a better Ethiopia by allowing us to simply do our work.

AWiB is delighted to acknowledge and thank its annual partners.  WE THANK YOU!

First Consult

First Consult is the leading consulting firm in Ethiopia.  Established in Addis Ababa in 2005, the firm specializes in delivering effective and business-oriented solutions to organizations in development, business, and finance and investment sectors.  Consultants on the team have a depth of experiences both in Ethiopia and globally.  Currently based in Addis, this dedicated team combines international standards with a solid appreciation of the local environment to deliver fast, effective and impactful solutions.

First Consult combines over 200 years of professional experience which is effectively harnessed to deliver a broad range of solutions to organizations in the private, public and NGO sectors.

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Initiative Africa

Initiative Africa’s mission is “to contribute to a sustainable, just, and peaceful Ethiopia and Africa with opportunity for all.”  The team envisions ensuring “today’s children, youth and women are adequately prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.”  Valuing commitment, self-reliance, trust worthiness, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability at all levels as well as integrity and mutual respect between and among stakeholders, IA marches on uplifting countless civil society organizations in the nation.

Eight board members guide IA, the group consisting of specialists in the fields of education, business, and civil society.  Meeting annually, the group reviews the progress of various activities and structures the future of the organization.  Mr. Kebour Ghenna is the Board-appointed Executive Director of IA.  The organization currently employs educators, researchers, editors, publishers, information and technical support specialists all exceptional in their fields of work.

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