AWiB is TEN!

A simple idea that started on April 8, 2010 at Panorama Hotel with two women: Roman Kifle & Nahu Senay Girma, not knowing what they were getting into, matured to a brilliant flower whose delicious aroma invites all wanting to catch HER fever.  She opened many eyes, challenged a few egos and made home to many who didn’t know being challenged ad infinitum could be a home.

On this day, April 8,2020,  cooped up in our small corners because of Covid 19 conundrum, AWiB teaches us to choose love to fear; courage to acquiescence.  AWiB is always about defying the norm if we only could remember that & choose to build rather than dismantle.

To all of you, even though we couldn’t celebrate this magnificent day together, we invite you to go deeper and reflect on where you are today with support or on a sheer will to make it all happen.  AWiB invites you to celebrate YOU and say thank you to those who made or are making a difference in your lives.

A lesson from this uninvited guest disrupting our life as we know it should be: not to take anything or anyone for granted & to love surprises.  This is also a time to mend broken relationships.

Keeping our candles lit for generations to come !

The AWiB Team 

Reflections of an AWiBer 

SHE is so colorful.
Bold like the RED wall in ARC (never thought RED could be a fine wall color).
SHE is an embodiment of excellence—you can even smell it.
SHE is a family—family bickers, loves, disagrees, agrees but stays/thrives as one.
SHE is beautiful—beauty measured by the kindness, care, authenticity & love.
SHE is so diverse—in leadership style, type of leaders, background & acumen.

SHE holds a community of women leaders with substance – compassionate women, creative women, dynamic women, women entrepreneurs, women writers, women speakers, women connectors, emotionally intelligent women, strong women, women with humility, strategic women, introvert women, extrovert women, women teachers, women givers, women mentors, women coaches, dependable women, resourceful women, women listeners, dynamic women and a combinations of all of the above.

Thanks to Roman and Nahu for birthing AWiB.  And a special thanks to the iron lady, Nahu, for carrying, growing and nurturing HER (AWiB) through thick and thin, galvanizing the current and next generation of women leaders.  Thanks & Cheers to the amazing SLT who came before us (paved the way), US and current leadership.  ❤

So grateful to be part of this tribe for giving me lifelong sisters, friends and mentors.  Can’t wait for the journey ahead and celebration post COVID19.

Happy 10th AWIB. ❤
-Sara Tadiwos, 2017-2018 AWiB Boardmember

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