AWiB adds another young, dynamic, innovative woman to Her repertoire:

Lina Mohammed

project coordinator

Lina in her own words:

I am a 21 year old young woman, a fresh graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Addis Ababa University, School of Commerce. I always love to learn something new and explore life. I love meeting new people and engaging in meaningful conversations. In my free time, I enjoy attending networking events and art exhibitions or anything related. I am really interested in things that influence the perceptions of society. And so, I hope to establish my own marketing company in the future, which I believe, will shape people’s mindsets. I think being part of AWiB is one of the first steps I took in the right direction.

How I knew about AWiB

I got the chance to attend an AWiB event through an organization I volunteered for called AIESEC. My first AWiB event made me become very curious about the organization. And later when I heard that they were looking for interns I applied and I was accepted.

Throughout the time I stayed with the organization, I have had so many learning experiences, met so many inspirational women who inspired me to move forward and most of all I received great mentorship throughout. Not only did AWiB provide the inspiration, I got the chance to reflect and learn a lot about myself on the way.

What I feel about AWiB now

I find AWiB to be extremely relevant in our community and I am thrilled to be working on something meaningful. I have so much to learn and experience from the organization and the people it connects me to. I look forward to helping drive AWiB forward through what I do. And I hope to grow along with all the AWiB members in this journey.

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