Asefach Haileselassie Reda

Asefach Haileselassie Reda

Founder of BEZNA Counseling and Training Center PLC

AWiB congratulates Asefach Haileselassie Reda on her new venture—founding her own company–

BEZNA Counseling & Training Center PLC.

BEZNA Counseling and Training Center PLC is a private business organization established in November 2014 that focuses on Human Resource Development through Training, Psych-social and Advisory Services.

BEZNA aims to:

  • Assist clients in exploring their problems and guide them to solutions
  • Enable clients become aware of the consequences of the experiences and situations they have been and going through
  • Reduce worry, anxiety or any other negative emotions
  • Guide clients in their recovery from and cope with difficult circumstances
  • Make clients aware the importance of Counseling as a means of assisting people to reduce initial distress resulting from a difficult situation
  • Create awareness that counseling helps in handling emotions for better choices or decisions in life

Asefach was encouraged and motivated to have a profession as a counselor because of what she witnessed in the educational and behavioral challenges faced by students in the high schools she worked. She has a passion for the empowerment of women and of young people in difficult circumstances that allowed her to translate her knowledge of psychology by developing psychosocial projects that focused on rehabilitation and self-development.

Asefach is a certified Management Consultant, Trainer and researcher on Human Resource Development, migration, human trafficking and psychosocial areas. She has worked with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in empowering Ethiopian migrants mostly women in return and reintegration programs.

Asefach earned BS & MA in psychology from Addis Ababa University and University of South Africa (UNISA) respectively.

BEZNA’s motto: ‘Training and counseling is not a cost, it is an investment’

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