Another winner has joined us!

Siham Ayele

AWiB would like to announce the new addition to our staff group, Siham Ayele. Siham is an enthusiastic individual who has made her life’s purpose to make her community a better place for future generations. Through her studies, work and social experience, Siham has learned that we are surrounded by conflicts in our everyday lives that we must live consciously and with a mission to minimize daily chaos.

Siham landed her first job, before graduation, as a researcher at Creative Global Solutions Inc. gradually working her way up through General Consultant and HR Assistant in a short time. She worked in different capacities from a PR/ Media strategist to a freelancer for different companies on different projects including organizing conferences.

Through her different exposures and learning experiences, she has discovered what really makes sense to her is to work with organizations that work to bring about transformation and growth in the socio-economic development of Ethiopia.

Siham graduated from Addis Ababa University in Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) in 2014. She says about joining AWiB, a place that first opened her eyes and helped her become the person that she is today.  Moreover she concludes that AWiB is an environment that brings out her passion as a writer.

Siham is responsible for all the programs that AWiB has come to be famous for: roundtable discussions every two weeks, parental training, HealthSmart for the healthier you; negotiation skill; Emotional Intelligence, self-confidence. She is also responsible for the AWiB Resource Center (ARC). We have Wi-Fi for your convenience and about 300 books at the Djibouti Port to be delivered soon to our door.  AWiB strives to build our members body, mind & soulWe plan to make you think critically so you make your daily decisions within your conscious body not out of it. So, next time you hear Siham’s delightful voice over your phone, you know AWiB is knocking to stir you to reach your pinnacle.

Come to our resource center (ARC) and introduce yourself; come to our center and build your mental capacity; come to our center and connect with like minds; come to our center to be a productive citizen; come to our center to lead and follow; come to our center to be counted; come to our center so you can prepare your own Eulogy to plan your life with a purpose in mind and start from the end.

We are at the tip of Megenagna # 3 coming from Urael Church, next to CBE Renaissance Building on Seleshi Sehin & Tirunesh Dibaba Building #807. We feel it’s only fitting to reside where the winners call their own.

We have a beautiful view looking over Yeka Mountain and looking down–the organized traffic chaos by the roundabout. When you are at ARC browsing on your favorite browser to do your research on whatever turns you on in life and take a moment to contemplate what you’ve just discovered, it’s only fitting that you be supported by the magnificent “Yeka Mountain”.

Come over…we’ll keep the light on for you.

AWiB Team

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