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Tsion Eshetu

Active Advertising & Marketing Agency

Active Advertising and Marketing agency was founded in 2018 by the dynamic young fluid brain, Tsion Eshetu. Tsion, whose passion is for businesses development and supporting businesses expand has created Active Advertising to fulfill her calling.

Tsion asserts that in her search for supporting businesses expand, she zeroed in the most challenge for business expansion — marketing and branding. Active Advertising was born to fill the gap of building a strong brand and marketing challenges.

Tsion leveraged her experiences in the industry and a large network and connections afforded to her as a result of curiosity, a love for innovation and continuous learning determined to find solutions and there—Active was born!  Active Advertising and marketing Agency poised to assist businesses building a strong brand and a sound marketing strategies.

Have a project that calls for fantastic ideas and active delivery, a job that requires purity in strategy and cutting-edge technology, built to perfection with a dash of creativity? Active with its superior technology, knowledge, experience and expertise can help. We deliver top-quality work at competitive rates and meet deadlines well in time. .
Active is a ‘brand-first’ creative hub. Rooted in strategy, driven by design, and built for the digital era, whose work unlocks the cultural and creative value of the world’s most beloved brands.

Insta:, Facebook @Active-Advertising-Ethiopia

+251 929 296 548 / +251 98 719 3939

Address: Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa

AWiB wishes Tsion and her venture a long and successful journey.

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