Achieving An Intrinsic Purpose

Metasebia Shewaye Yilma

AWiB Congratulates Meti on her new venture in the media business.

Metasebia Shewaye Yilma, a.k.a. Meti, has premiered her 2 television shows on LTV in April 2017; Let’s Go With Meti  and With Meti . Meti’s travel and interview shows have started adorning the screens of LTV, the newest TV channel on NileSat (Frequency-11096 H, Symbol- 27500, FEC-5/6).

Let’s Go With Meti  is an experiential travel show in which Meti explores like a tourist and experiences like a local to promote the concept of conscious travelling. Let’s Go With Meti  is a well-researched informative and adventurous travel series that exposes hidden gems, celebrates heritages, creates excitement and takes viewers off the beaten tracks. In the episodes, Meti is seen hanging out with locals, trying daring activities, uncovering least known features and telling other sides of stories. In the first two months, Meti will promote Addis Ababa for the foodies, history lovers, art enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies and shopaholics. In the following two months, Meti will take her audience to the outskirts of Addis for one-day-trips to show various places and activities that can capture the interests of diverse travellers. Then gradually Let’s Go With Meti will take the audience farther into Ethiopia as well as cross borders.

With Meti  is an interview show in which Meti will bring individuals that can provide practical wisdom from their personal experiences. The guests on With Meti  will share lessons they learnt from their triumphant and not-so-successful stories as every endeavour in life brings an opportunity to grow. The interviewees will tell details of the “why” and the “how” of their life journey so as to provide ways, tools and tricks they used to get where they are now. Meti will keep the show engaging by asking critical questions that can trigger critical thinking and further discussion. Guests of With Meti don’t need to be celebrities, public figures or extremely successful. Anyone who has a practical wisdom to share and a worthy story to tell to help people advance in what they do and how they live is warmly welcomed to sit and chat candidly on With Meti .  Meti strongly believes that everyone has purpose in life and was born with a set of gifts to achieve the purpose. Her mission in producing With Meti  is to bring those who are living their purpose to inspire, to inform and to intrigue.

Everything she learnt and worked for over two decades has been preparing Meti for this big leap in her professional life. Ever since high school, Meti has been dreaming of a career in media and it was triggered by Africa Journal, a magazine show produced by the legendary African journalist Mohammed Amin. Africa Journal, used to feature progressive, positive and uplifting stories from the continent that was at the time mislabeled “The Dark Continent”. Through his camera, Mohammed Amin was determined to reveal the immense light and abundance  of Africa. Until Meti learnt the wealth, diversity, beauty and potential of Africa in the weekly magazine show, the only image she had about the continent was that it’s infested with disease, famine, poverty and war. Africa Journal made Meti realized the power of media to make or break. She chose to be the maker of good and positive using media.

Her journey in media that has started at the age of 19 as a Continuity Announcer on ETV has taken Meti to newspaper as a journalist on TimeOut Addis and recently on The Seychelles Independent. Meti is most recognized for producing and hosting valuable and informative programs on radio. She was the co-founder, producer and host of the popular Tadias Addis on Sheger FM 102.1 and Hawari Travel Show on Fana FM 98.1. She also produces and hosts an English weekly infotainment show on Afro 105.3 FM: In And Around With Meti.

Meti has realized that the best way to go about life is through self-reflection, self-mastery and self-transformation. Once she understood her calling is to serve as a leader to grow and to let grow, Meti decided to marry her curious and adventurous personality with her talent to connect with people and her passion to share. Hence the birth of her two shows: Let’s Go With Meti and With Meti .

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