Abyssinian Nomad

Maskarm Haile

Nobody expected Maskarm to make a cross-continental odyssey from Cape Town to Cairo.  Young, unmarried, African women simply didn’t do that.  But Maskarm defied everyone’s expectations, risking rejection and disapproval from her community to fulfill her lifelong dream of seeing the world.

As a young woman on a tight budget, she found she could rely on the kindness of strangers to welcome her into their homes and vehicles.  Over the course of her journey, that ever-present kindness helped Maskarm to weather culture conflict, sexism, loneliness, and her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Along the way, she also saw one of the largest waterfall in the world, learned the correct way (and incorrect way!) to argue with border guards, grappled with her own identity as an Ethiopian woman, and finally lived out the dream she had held since she was a child.  Abyssinian Nomad is about one woman’s journey to see the world, her community, and herself more clearly.

Maskarm is speaking at a number of upcoming conferences where she intends to promote her book.  She is the first African woman to write about traveling from Cape Town to Cairo mostly solo.

What people are saying about Abyssinian Nomad

P.J MannThere are many adjectives that come to my mind when I think about this book. The first one being honest, true. It is a story coming straight from the heart and destined to remain in the heart of the reader. It is the story of this young Ethiopian woman, who engaged her journey not just physically through Africa, but through her inner self to bravely find answers to the many questions we all have. It is an invitation not to stop at what other people expect you to be, it is a daring challenge to search what your heart wants and follow it wherever it leads. Together with a great deal of introspection there is the amazing travel through one of the most beautiful and diverse continent existing; Africa. If you’ve never traveled in Africa, it will make you fall in love with those vivid images the author can portrait with her words. If you traveled in Africa, it will put some smiles on your face as you think “Ah, I remember…”

It is one of the most enjoyable readings so far, and I wish the author all the best for her career.

Melees – A story of a courageous woman who followed her dreams to explore her home land, the world and herself, by going against the conventions of her culture and her family. A journey of self-discovery, inner faith and a heartfelt trust in the goodness of strangers. A narrative full of emotion, suspense and a truly evocative description of Africa. A lesson to us all, that by pursuing our dreams and opening our hearts and minds, we may all be able to achieve our goals and pass on to others the joy of living.

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