A Leader in the Making—and it’s a SHE

Nigist Yirga

human rights activist

Age never determines passion.  One who experiences Nigist Yirga’s words—even in video—recognizes the strength of the woman and the fire within.  Known most from the protests in cities including Bahir Dar and Gonder in 2016, she is an activist who is willing to pay the price and paid the price.  The human rights activist in her late 20s has become the face of peaceful demonstration.  She is inclusive and stands for all Ethiopia.  This rising leader is letting her presence be known again—fighting for basic human rights.

The fact that she fights for all regardless of ethnic origin makes her not only an activist but an inspiring leader who does not waiver from their commitment.  Nigist demands and fights for human dignity, right to living in peace, to education, and to prosperity.

Reaffirming the power in mass movement, Nigist says let us not dismiss the voice of the people; people’s power is mightier than arms!

As a leader, Nigist possesses the qualities:  Bold.  Articulate.  Passionate.  Motivating.  In a society where indiscriminating hatred rules, she appears to be a rainbow in the clouds.  Where doubts and confusion abide, we are hopeful Nigist and her likes will save the nation that is seemingly fragmented.

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